If you are traveling to sea side, in any of the coastal cities you have smaller and larger travel agencies that can organise trips to Lovcen, Skadar Lake, Tara Bridge, rafting on that same river which is unique in Europe, and it is a warm travel recommendation to all who want to change the air in their lungs and thus prolong their life.
The ideal combination for those who come by car and want to take real impressions from Montenegro, is to spend half of their vacation at sea side, and half in healthy mountains. This also applies to all others who are not so mobile, because today in Montenegro there is no problem to find a car rental in good conditions or some other type of intercity transport to get to the desired place.

Some of you wish to spent entire vacation in one city that you have carefully chose according your needs. If this citie is located on BookingMNE.com, we will be happy to help you organise memorable vacation.